Design Implementation

Poppy & the Bee can implement all soft landscaping aspects of your garden design, including;

Soil preparation

I believe that a healthy garden starts from the soil up so particular attention is paid to good soil preparation. This will ensure a healthy, sustainable and resilient garden. Soil preparation generally involves;

  • Conditioning (weeding/hydration treatment/ cultivation)
  • Composting / Fertilising (we prefer to use locally sourced organic composts and fertilisers
  • Mulching (can include toppings such as pea gravel or river pebbles as well as standard mulching treatments)


Utmost care is taken in selecting healthy plant stock and using appropriate planting methods to ensure successful establishment. I source, hand select, and arrange delivery of all plants.

Project Management

To ensure your design is implemented as intended, I offer a project management service.

I will liaise directly with your chosen landscape contractor/s to ensure works are co-ordinated and carried out in an accurate and professional manner.