Other Design Services

A list of recommended infill species can be compiled for existing established gardens.


I provide specialised garden maintenance services, from sensitive pruning and plant nurturing to fastidious weed control and soil rehabilitation I like to explore new methods of organic pest control and prefer to bring a garden back into balance by encouraging a healthy soil biota and beneficial insects. This means no pesticides! By the way, I love pruning roses – properly…

My approach to maintenance is usually to visit the client first to determine what is required and the client’s approach to their garden. From this stage, I develop a detailed cost estimate, including my hours and any materials and associated costs involved.

I can also prepare a maintenance schedules for individual gardens. These can be implemented either by myself or the client. Please see an example of my maintenance schedule.


I provide an advisory service for people with established gardens or for those who may have a specific problem they are dealing with. This could include pest or soil issues, or just a difficult area of your garden. I can also give advice on plant selection, although this can often lead to a planning process – please refer to the design process section of this website if you think this may apply to you.

I also develop maintenance notes for more confident gardeners to implement themselves. Alternatively, I am very happy to work alongside clients so that you learn and develop your own confidence with each visit.